The Cost of Heat Treating

Aluminum Heat Treating Sep 20, 2018

Considerations for Heat-Treated Metal Parts

The final cost of a heat-treating order is quoted using several considerations. Some key factors that determine the cost of heat treating are:

  • The number of steps in the process metal to be treated.
  • The weight of the load.
  • The number of parts to be batched and heated together.
  • The number of loads.

During our quoting process, we take your unique production needs and find the best options for your order. Every material we work with has unique standards and set up required; our production experts know these requirements well and keep cost-effectiveness in mind when identifying the best processes for your order.

As an example, let’s look at the differences between using a drop bottom furnace and vacuum heat treating and what conditions to consider when choosing the most cost-efficient process.

When Should You Use Vacuum Heat Treating Services in Addition to Forming?

When metal parts are heat treated in a furnace, the whole part is heated and quenched. This process works well for aluminum, which can change condition relatively easily. However, not all metal can undergo this process with the same versatility as aluminum. Some parts—for example, those made of brass, bronze or copper—can’t be hardened again after they’re softened by the annealing process. With that in mind, we offer vacuum heat treating as a separate service for these materials.

Before we bring brass, bronze or copper parts to their final polish, we can use vacuum heat treating to remove stress caused during forming. With vacuum heat treating, we can anneal, harden, solution treat, temper and relieve stress from a part, depending on its material. Because vacuum heat treating removes oxygen from the process, high temperatures can be reached without the worry of oxidation. Thanks to this ability to reach and maintain high temperatures, the time needed to heat treat a part made from brass, bronze or copper is shortened.

Regardless of the material of your parts, we have a cost-effective solution at the ready. Whether its using drop-bottom furnaces for your aluminum parts or a vacuum heat treating service for parts that were formed using a less ductile material, Jones can ensure that your final product is the best that it can be at the best price for you.

Are you interested in a free quote for your next heat treating project? Contact us today to speak with an expert.


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