Cold Forming Stainless Steel

Jones Metal Products offers our customers a wide range of metal forming services that range from cold forming stainless. Some of our cold forming steel services include hydroforming and fluid cell forming.

Stainless steel is a material that provides numerous benefits to a number of industrial applications and metal parts. It is a material that is extremely versatile, providing our team of experienced engineers the ability to form it into different shapes and sizes using a number of cold forming stainless steel methods. The benefits that working with stainless steel bring are numerous, especially when cold forming steel is used in the fabrication process. Cold forming vs hot forming

Some of these benefits include:

  • High and low temperature resistance
  • Versatility and ease of fabrication
  • Strength that can be pulled out further in cold forming stainless steel or hot forming stainless steel
  • Durability and low maintenance
  • A high cleanability, making it a prime choice for customers in the hospital and food service industries

Cold Forming Stainless Steel – Jones Metal Products Specialty

When it comes to cold formed metal framing, Jones Metal Products is proud to offer both hydroforming and fluid cell forming to customers in search of cold forming steel services. Our cold forming stainless steel services are carried out by a team of our experienced engineers, ensuring that all finished products are high quality. Hydroforming and fluid cell forming are cold formed metal framing services we offer to customers in a variety of industries including aerospace, defense, healthcare, and power generation.

Hydroforming, as a cold forming steel process, is perfect for unusually shaped parts that might not be able to be formed through traditional stamping processes. It is an excellent process to create odd shaped parts in small quantities for customers looking for cold forming steel services.

Fluid cell forming employs controlled, intense pressure up to 11,600 psi on a rubber diaphragm. This allows our team of engineers to form shapes that adhere to tight tolerances. A massive advantage to this cold forming stainless steel process is the fact that several parts can be formed at one time with high quality ensured. No matter the cold formed metal framing process you might go with, you can be assured of the high quality of work and care put into your order with Jones Metal Products.

Cold Formed Metal Framing – Jones Metal In House Services

When it comes to working with Jones Metal Products for cold forming stainless steel, there are a number of parts and industries that we can fabricate metal parts for.

Industries That Benefit From Cold Forming Stainless Steel

A variety of industries can benefit from metal parts formed through cold formed metal framing. As stainless steel is an extremely durable and versatile material, it has been used in many different spaces. Some of these industries include aerospace, defense, commercial lighting, power generation, and the health care industry.

Parts That Can Be Created By Cold Forming Steel

Difficult to form parts can be made effectively through cold forming stainless steel. Jones Metal has been fabricating unusual parts for 95+ years, bringing our expertise and knowledge to each order. Parts created through cold forming steel are often complex, might require a clean finish, or are asymmetrical. Our cold forming methods yield metal parts that are formed with fewer scuffs and blows at the end of the process.

Work With Jones Metal Products for Cold Formed Metal Framing

If you are unsure of which process would work best for you, reach out to our team at Jones Metal Products. We can help you figure out if hot forming stainless steel or cold forming stainless steel would be more beneficial to your specific needs. Contact us or call us at 888-868-6535 today to learn more.

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