Deep Draw Metal Stamping - An Economical Alternative

Customers from a variety of industries come to Jones Metal with an interest and need for conventional matched die forming, or deep draw metal stamping. This process is an ideal alternative to hydroforming for larger production runs, or for smaller runs with long-term applications and uses.

Deep draw metal stamping requires the use of hardened steel dies to accommodate higher production volumes. This is an economical alternative for customers as the faster speeds and higher production rates often offset the original costs of tooling.

At Jones Metal, we work to ensure that deep draw metal stamping is an economical option for customers with short-run needs as well as high-volume needs. We handle all metal stamping in-house, allowing for a more flexible start-up cost and a lower cost for prototype tooling and short-run production.

Deep Drawn Stamping for Simpler Shapes

Deep draw metal stamping is great for customers interested in producing less complex shapes with minimal emphasis on surface marks. Unless the material exhibits abnormal spring back, inside measurements can be kept to plus or minus .01 inches with short-run metal stamping.

To help our customers produce quality deep draw metal stamping parts that meet their needs and specifications, Jones Metal works with a variety of metals, including steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, lead, brass, stainless steel, clad metals and high-tech alloys.

Deep Draw Metal Stamping Specialists

Jones Metal is known throughout the mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes regions for producing cost-effective, deep draw stamped-metal parts. Our knowledge and experience in this production process has helped us to develop an unmatched reputation for die forming of the highest quality.

We understand the intricacies of deep-draw stampings and are prepared to meet the demanding needs of each industry we serve. Our customers demand outstanding value from vendors, and to meet their specific needs, we offer a wide range of complimentary processes that include hydroforming, deep draw hydroforming, aluminum heat treating and vacuum heat treating.

Our people, technology and AS9100 and ISO9001 quality standards help us to deliver your quality parts both on time and on budget. Whether you are interested in creating a completely new part, or you are searching for a new deep draw metal stamping vendor for a current part, Jones Metal can help.

Are you interested in learning more about our deep drawn stamping capabilities? Give us a call today at 888-868-6535.

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Deep Draw Stamping

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