Deep Drawn Aluminum Stamping

Form high quality components fast for a price that fits your budget with aluminum deep draw stamping.

Deep draw stamping of aluminum creates simple and less complex parts ideal for high volume production and long-term applications across many industries. This forming process is a highly cost effective and fast way to form both large and small production runs. The experts at Jones Metal Products have spent decades mastering this method so that we can deliver the exact components and parts our customers need.

The aluminum stamping process

Deep drawn stamping is a viable forming method when surface abrasion is a concern, and is mainly employed for larger production runs and long-term applications. Aluminum stamping uses mechanical presses and dies to form sheet metal into parts.  This process utilizes hardened-steel dies, which enable faster and longer production runs than other approaches, such as hydroforming. Jones Metal’s stamping processes keep inside measurements to plus or minus .01 inches, ensuring accurate and ultra precise measurements and tolerances.

Creating cost effective, high quality components

Aluminum is an extremely versatile metal that is fully sustainable and recyclable. Since aluminum is about one-third the weight of steel, it’s an ideal candidate for industries that require parts to be certain weights, such as the aerospace industry. It is also highly dent and rust resistant, making it a popular choice for automotive industry components. Aluminum also offers a great strength-to-weight ratio, which enables heat treating with low spring back characteristics and the ability to form to varying wall thicknesses.

Experts you can trust

Jones Metal is the industry expert when it comes to deep draw stamping aluminum. For everyone at Jones Metal, clients are the first priority, and we’re dedicated to delivering timely, high quality, stamped deep-drawn aluminum components that fit the project budget. We work with our clients directly to find custom solutions for their toughest tooling challenges, from aerospace to healthcare, and everything in between.

To learn more about deep draw stamping aluminum parts with Jones Metal, send us your drawings or contact us today.

Deep Draw Stamping

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