Fluid Cell Forming

The ability to manufacture long, deep-drawn and complex shapes is now a possibility for even smaller manufacturers, thanks to new fluid cell forming capabilities available at Jones Metal Products.

Fluid cell forming is a process that utilizes a fluid-cell press, or bag press, to form sheet metal into difficult shapes. The press exerts high pressure, up to 11,600 p.s.i., onto a flexible rubber diaphragm that, in turn, forms sheet metal into shapes that meet precise tolerances.

Until recently, fluid cell forming was strictly the domain of large aerospace manufacturers. But that has changed with a commitment from Jones Metal to become the first contract manufacturer in the United States to offer fluid cell forming. For small and mid-sized aerospace, commercial lighting and medical device manufacturers, this new offering means higher productivity, greater design flexibility and faster prototyping.

Based upon field-proven technology, Jones Metal’s Quintus Technologies Flexform Fluid Cell Press enables the formation of small parts, shallow components, large panels and complex deep-drawn shapes, such as a negative lip. At the same time, several parts can be formed at once in each tray, which results in significantly faster prototyping, shorter lead times and lower tooling costs.

As with hydroforming, our fluid cell press limits the amount of surface abrasion, which translates into fewer resources spent on downstream finishing. This type of forming also enables parts that are thinner, yet still strong.

Tray Width (in) Tray Length (in) Pressure (psi)
Tray Depth
Press Length
Total Length
Diaphragm Exchange
Total Width (ft) Total Height (ft)
QFC 0.7 x1.8-800 27.6″ 72″ 11,600 800 6.9″ 9.8′ 36.1′ 13.1′ 7.5′ 9.8′

Typical Applications for Fluid Cell Formed Parts

Aerospace – Parts made of aluminum alloys, stainless steel and titanium.

Medical equipment – Trays and other surgical equipment.

Flexform – Components for prototyping and small-series production.

Commercial Lighting – Fixture housings and reflectors.

Your Engineering Challenges, Solved

Whether it’s aerospace or power generation, medical equipment or commercial lighting, or other products, JMP has the latest industry equipment and technical expertise to help you solve your engineering challenges. We are also NADCAP approved, ISO 9001:2015 Certified (Without Design), AS9100:2016 Certified, and ITAR registered. If you would like to learn more about deep fluid cell forming or submit an RFQ or a drawing, contact us and we will be happy to work with you to find the best way to turn your production challenges into opportunities.

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Fluid Cell Forming

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