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Jones Metal's Heat Treatment Units Delivery Quality Services

Jones Metal Products Company operates two full-time heat treating units - aluminum heat treating and vacuum heat treating. With a 24/7 operation, our experienced team meets the stringent demands of many different customers.

Professional Accreditations

  • NADCAP approval for Heat Treating (aluminum and vacuum)
  • ISO: 9001:2015 (without design)
  • AS9100:2016
  • ITAR Registration

Customer Approvals

For aluminum heat treating: Goodrich, Gentz, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell 
For vacuum heat treating: Rolls Royce (certification), Arde, Berkshire, Barnes, Goodrich, Honeywell, Cessna, Gulfstream, Doncaster (Meco and GCE)

Why Heat Treating?

Heat treating is the application of heat or cold to alter the metallurgical properties of a metal part. The treatment is applied to harden, soften, or relieve stress on the metal without changing the part shape. Heat treatment is often specified to increase the strength of a metal part, and it can also be used to improve machining, improve formability, or restore ductility after a cold forming operation, such as hydroforming services, block forming, fluid cell forming, or deep draw stamping.


What Our Heat Treating Units Process

Aluminum Heat Treating: wrought aluminum sheets, plates, parts, some forgings, and investment castings.
Vacuum Heat Treating: steel, exotic and ferrous alloys.
We have the equipment and expertise to ensure your job is completed on spec., on time, and on budget.

Our heat treating services include:

Aluminum: aging, air quenching, hot and cold water quenching, glycol quenching, annealing, hardening, solution treatment, and stress relieving.
Vacuum: Annealing, hardening, solution treating, stress relieving, and tempering.

Heat Treating Services for a Wide Range of Markets

Customers from many markets supply us with parts for heat treatment, including:

  • Screws for stadium seating systems
  • Airplane engine brackets
  • Aircraft engine oil pans
  • Helicopter frame parts
  • Hydraulic fittings
  • Locomotive break parts
  • Airplane engine cooling systems
  • Airliner seat backs
  • Musical instrument parts
  • Aluminum investment castings

At Jones Metal, we work with customers who require quality heat treatment for metal sheets and parts that they supply to us. And we work with customers who choose both metal forming and heat treatment to be performed at our facility, with part manufacturing and heat treatment coordinated under one roof.

Contact the Heat Treating Experts

Whether you are looking for heat treating only or you are looking for a company to form and heat treat parts, we welcome the opportunity to quote your project.

Interested in learning more about the heat treatment capabilities we offer? Explore the aluminum heat treating and vacuum heat treating sections of our website, visit our Tech Talk Blog, or contact Jones Metal Products for a no-obligation quotation.

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