Heat Treating: Aluminum Investment Casting Services

When your aluminum investment casting components require a final heat treatment, precise temperatures and processes are required.

Jones Metal Products provides final heat treatment for aluminum investment castings, manufactured in a number of industries, including aerospace, defense and power generation.

A Detailed Process

The aluminum investment casting process takes place in the customer’s highly specialized facility, where wax injection molds are created. Multiple coats of ceramic and sand are then built-up on the wax molds, after which they are dried and thoroughly cured. The molds are then placed in a high-degree oven that melts the wax pattern and prepares the molds for casting. A liquid aluminum alloy is then poured into the molds. After components have been cast, the parts are freed from the molds and moved to the finishing and final heat treating processes.

Jones Metal heat treats parts made from many aluminum alloys, including the following used in the investment casting process: 355, 356, and 357.

Aluminum heat treating options at Jones Metal include:

  • aging,
  • air quenching,
  • hot and cold water quenching,
  • glycol quenching,
  • annealing,
  • hardening,
  • solution treatment, and
  • stress relieving.

Quality, Craftsmanship

Jones Metal takes great pride in delivering on-time, high-quality orders that meet the stringent guidelines for precise temperatures and processes you specify to achieve the aluminum alloy tempers required.

The two full-time heat treating units at Jones Metal — aluminum heat treating and vacuum heat treating — are professionally accredited and have achieved NADCAP approval, ISO: 9001:2015 (without design), AS9100:2016 and ITAR Registration.

Learn More

Interested in speaking with us about the heat treatment services available at the end of your aluminum investment casting process? Contact Jones Metal Products to speak with an expert or to receive a no-obligation quote.

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Aluminum Heat Treating

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