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Hydroforming Jun 08, 2021

Today we are going to talk about something a little different. As a hydroforming reflector manufacturer and supplier in the USA, Jones Metal Products has a long history of providing hydroforming services to many different industries. Our clients in industries that range from commercial lighting, power generation, and aerospace often require precisely made parts such as a hydroforming reflector.

We are going to briefly explore our own history of working in hydroforming reflectors and other parts and why hydroforming is such a versatile process for components and parts.

Brief History of Jones Metal Products – A Sheet Hydroforming Reflector

Jones Metal Products has been in business since 1923. Starting on the site of a former metal stamping and porcelain enameling company, our product focus initially shifted from fabricating items like pots and pans to hospital utensils and hydroforming reflectors.

Hydroforming became one of the services we offer by way of the Cincinnati Hydroform machine. Today, we have 11 machines that allow us to fabricate parts like sheet hydroforming reflectors, oil filter pans, jet engine components, nozzle systems, and more.

Since our start, the Jones Metal Products team has continuously worked across the services we provide as a trusted metal fabricator. Other services that we provide to customers across industries include:

  • Hydroforming
  • Heat treating
  • Fluid cell forming
  • Deep draw stamping

We also offer a range of in-house technical services such as machining, shrink and stretch, laser cutting, and cold forming. The metal fabrication processes we provide a range, affording us the capabilities to fabricate any number of metal components and parts.

Hydroforming Reflector – Why Hydroforming?

So why do we fabricate reflectors through hydroforming? Hydroforming reflectors is a very precise fabrication method that allows us to fulfill orders that need special or complex shapes.

Sheet hydroforming reflectors, whether they will be used in the healthcare, aerospace, or lighting industries, bring many advantages with them. Hydroforming is a process that was developed in the late 1940s to early 1950s. It is a cost-effective process that allows metal manufacturers to produce small quantities of components with irregular or complex shapes.

These kinds of shapes are generally much easier to form through hydroforming as opposed to other methods like stamping. And just about any kind of metal that can be cold formed can be hydroformed.

Materials that we may use in hydroforming reflectors and other components include:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Carbon
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • High strength alloys

Now when it comes to the other benefits of sheet hydroforming reflectors, the process results in benefits like cost savings and a quality finish.

Cost Savings on Sheet Hydroforming Reflector

Hydroforming is a fabrication method that cuts down on upfront costs that are associated with other traditional methods of metal forming and stamping. It eliminates the need for cast plastics, hardened steel tools, and expensive dies. Therefore, when sheet hydroforming reflectors take place, the cost to the customer is significantly lessened.

Quality Finishes for Sheet Hydroforming Reflector

When a manufacturer is hydroforming reflectors, high-pressure hydraulic fluid is used to form the part. The fluid forms the parts to a cavity that results in high quality, nearly perfect finish. This finish, which is free of scuffs or other markings, essentially cuts out the need for further finishing or polishing.

So when you need reflectors, hydroforming reflectors is certainly an advantageous route to go!

Get in Contact With Us for a Hydroforming Reflector Order

With over 95+ years of experience in the metal fabrication space, Jones Metal Products has become a trusted manufacturer in a number of industries. If you are curious to learn more about how Jones Metal Products can help you with your hydroformed reflector orders, feel free to reach out online or by phone today at 888-868-6535.


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