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Hydroforming Dec 17, 2020

When it comes to hydroforming, we feel like here at Jones Metal Products, we have a really good feel for those in the industry that are delivering top notch work to their customers. We are going to take a short look at some of the hydroforming companies in Massachusetts and what they are doing in terms of hydroforming for their customers within the industry. As we hold our own company to high standards and an expectation of performance that we like to see elsewhere in the hydroforming industry, these are hydroforming companies that we want to emulate and enjoy seeing what they are doing.

Whether you are curious to learn more about a hydroforming company in Massachusetts or you are interested in who we admire, we hope this list helps you learn a bit more about our industry!

Admired Hydroforming Companies in Massachusetts

Bomco, Inc

Located in Gloucester, Massachusetts, this hydroforming company in Massachusetts was founded in 1958. With ISO 9001 and AS9100 certifications, Bomco’s hydroforming capabilities make use of technology and manufacturing techniques that are cutting edge. They are able to economically produce precisely formed metal components across a range of industries. As a hydroforming company in Massachusetts, they have developed and improved their own processes over the years to get to where they are now. With processes that are efficient and cost effective, Bomco is able to create parts for industries like the aerospace, land and marine, and gas turbine spaces. Various components that they can produce include turbines, exhausts, compressors, combustors, burner tubes, hula seals, and inlet ducts.

Metal Forming Solutions

Metal Forming Solutions is a hydroforming company in Massachusetts that can be found in North Billerica. They offer innovate metal forming manufacturing processes and technology that result in cost effective products for their customers. With skilled operators, their services cover the full range from initial concept to completion of a project. Metal Forming Solutions also prides itself on their top notch customer service. They work hard to ensure that they can reduce costs where they can across a wide range of shapes, alloys, and sizes.

Herfco, Inc

As a hydroforming company in Massachusetts, their hydroforming capabilities are utilized to produce “net and near-net parts”. Their facilities can handle up to a 31” blank with a 15,000 psi forming pressure. They are able to reduced assembly part counts and can easily create consistent production results that are repeatable. Other services they offer include shear forming, press forming, and expanding.

As a hydroforming company in Massachusetts, Herfco Inc calls Shirley, Massachusetts home. They offer a variety of services and products including hydroforming. They produce deep-drawn parts using a variety of materials and they can also do specialty work for their customers. Utilizing a quality control process, Herfco is able to provide customers high quality work as a hydroforming company in Massachusetts, with an emphasis on meeting their own standards.

Herfco also offers competitive pricing to their customers and prides themselves on top tier service, advanced equipment, and low-cost tooling that is designed and completely made in house. Much like our own team, Herfco’s is made up of experienced and highly skilled individuals.

Work With Us

When we look at a hydroforming company in Massachusetts, there is so much to see! From the different ways they have improved their own unique processes to the various other services they off their customers, we are always excited to see what our colleagues are doing elsewhere. For those of you based in Ohio, consider working with us here at Jones Metal for your hydroforming needs! With over 90 years in the business, feel free to contact our experienced team to learn more.


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