Hydroforming Services

The Benefits of Hydroforming with Jones Metal

For more than 97 years, Jones Metal Products has been fulfilling complex metal fabrication orders using the sheet metal hydroforming process. Whether your part requires hydroforming, deep draw hydroforming or Cincinnati hydroforming, we are equipped with the experience and presses that get the job done; no matter the form of hydroforming services needed.

Manufacturers that require precision forming, lasering or finishing can benefit from the hydroforming process. It is ideal for the creation of special shapes that must meet specific tolerances, and it’s an adaptable solution for many industries — from aerospace and defense, to healthcare and power generation.

Creating Complex Shapes

One of the biggest advantages of using hydroforming services is the ability to form complex shapes and angles, all with minimal “thin-out”. Hydroformed parts maintain precise tolerances, allowing irregular pieces to be easily formed. It is ideal for companies interested in producing small runs of intricate parts with sheet metal hydroforming.

Metal Variety

Jones Metal works with a variety of metals in the hydroforming process, including stainless steel, titanium and clad metals, brass, copper and alloys including hastelloys, inconels, cobalt and nickel.

Quality Finish

Because hydroforming sheet metal employs high-pressure hydraulic fluid to form parts to a cavity instead of a punch, pieces emerge with a near-perfect, quality finish free of burrs or scuffs. This virtually eliminates the need for downstream finishing or polishing. Typical materials fabricated in sheet metal hydroforming include steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, and high temperature alloys.

Cost Savings

Hydroforming services allows customers to cut down on upfront costs associated with traditional metal forming and stamping because the process eliminates the need for expensive dies, cast plastics for prototyping, hardened steel tools, and hard epoxy. The quality finish produced by hydroforming services also creates cost savings, as it reduces the need for additional finishing and polishing, or the correction of scuff marks, shock and stretch lines.

Cost-Effective Prototyping

For prototyping and part development, sheet metal hydroforming is an ideal process. With just small adjustments to the tooling and material thickness, we can produce new and improved parts in small runs to be used in development and equipment modifications.

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