Hydroforming Materials

Hydroforming is a precision forming process that is ideal for creating special or complex shapes that must meet specific tolerances. For over half a century, Jones Metal Products has fine-tuned these processes for a variety of metals, delivering exceptional finishing, precision lasering and cost-effective prototyping to customers.

Hydroforming creates asymmetrical or drawn parts with irregular contours in a hydroforming press across pressurized chambers that reach up to 10,000 p.s.i. More suitable than stamping for metals such as titanium, copper and high-nickel alloys, a hydroforming press uses high-pressure fluid to apply force across the entire surface of the blank, which provides far more control and support than in any other process.

Taking into account density, melting point, sensitivity and conductivity, our tradesmen are adept at hydroforming parts from a diverse collection of metals for industries, such as medical, aerospace, defense, lighting and power generation.

Below is a comprehensive list of the metals that JMP hydroforming services can accommodate:

Hydroforming sheet metal is a cost-effective alternative to metal stamping that produces high quality parts through a series of progressions. Jones Metal Products can accommodate blanks up to 32.5 inches to form parts with depths up to 14 inches, diameters to 27 inches and material gauges up to 3/8 inches for steel and 1 inch for aluminum.

With extensive experience in hydroforming for the aerospace industry, we have the foresight to manage project challenges that arise when working with aluminum materials and high nickel alloys. Additionally, our in-house heat-treatment services enable finishing of your hydroformed parts.

At Jones Metal Products, we are experts in hydroforming materials, process and design, and we ensure on-time and on-budget fulfillment of hydroforming orders. If you have questions about which metal best suits your design, send us your drawings and call 888-868-6535 today. We will work with you to find a material that will produce the results you want.   

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