Jones Metal Specializes in Parts for Aerospace, Power Generation, Defense, Health Care, and Commercial Lighting

Jones Metal Products specializes in manufacturing parts for demanding industries:  aerospace, power generation, defense, and health care, and commercial lighting are at the top of the list.  Why demanding?  Because each of these industries requires some difficult-to-produce components that simply are not formed by conventional stamping methods alone.

This is where Jones Metal’s depth of experience in hydroforming, fluid cell forming, rubber pad forming, and deep draw stamping come into play.  With a stronghouse of forming machines and technical and heat treatment services available in-house, solutions are found every day for producing shapes with irregular contours from a wide variety of demanding metals.

Parts for Aerospace

Suppliers to the vast aerospace industry source Jones Metal for a variety of items: spare parts for FAA repair stations; loading system parts; frames, brackets, joggles, and ribs made by fluid cell or rubber pad forming; parts made from high nickel alloy; aluminum aircraft lighting with reflective surfaces and housings; and pressurized containers.

Parts for Land-Based Power Generation

Suppliers to the growing land-based power generation industry source Jones Metal for parts made from Haynes, HastX, and Inconel materials, which resist corrosion caused by the high temperatures of the exhaust and heat exchangers of industrial gas turbines.

Parts for Health Care

Suppliers to hospitals and surgery centers source Jones Metal for rugged aluminum containers with lids for sterilization of surgical instruments, and operating room lighting reflectors.

Parts for Defense

US Defense industry suppliers source Jones Metal for many types of formed parts, including military aircraft housings and exhausts, engine covers, personal protection gear, and potable water tanks.

Parts for Commercial Lighting

Commercial lighting manufacturers source Jones Metal for large, irregular-shaped lighting reflectors, as well as for a full range of lighting covers and reflectors for indoor and outdoor applications, and ballast housings and covers for outdoor electrical boxes.

Parts for Other Industries

Suppliers in additional industries choose Jones Metal, as well, for difficult-to-make metal parts. Examples are the locomotive industry, for which we supply brake parts and engine shields, the automotive industry, for which we supply bell housings , flex plates, and starters for drag racing market; and the food service equipment industry, for which we supply parts for commercial popcorn makers and juicers, and clad-metal cooking vessels.

Jones Metal Delivers Quality Parts on Time

Working for and with suppliers in any of the above industries requires Jones Metal to lead with continuous improvement. Our manufacturing system utilizes the lean techniques of a synchronized pull manufacturing system. The supply chain focus is on process flow (though put), use of the pull system to avoid overproduction, managing key leverage points, reducing days of inventory on hand, reducing lead times, simplifying quality/delivery processes, improving finished product OTD, and managing inventory (JIT delivery/replenishment). Our on-time delivery rate is 98 percent. Our processes are certified to IS0 9001:2008 and AS9100C (without design). Our heat treat services are certified by Nadcap.

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