Aerospace Stretch Forming

Jones Metal Products has specialization in several different metal stretch forming processes, including the precise process of aerospace stretch forming. Since our establishment in 1923, Jones Metal has been providing our valued customers across numerous industries with a highly diverse range of metal formed products, from the defense industry to the aerospace industry.

Among aerospace stretch forming companies, we pride ourselves on a highly efficient metal stretch forming process that is utilized to create pieces for the aerospace industry. As pieces used in the aerospace industry require specific specifications to be met, creating pieces through aerospace stretch forming allows us to meet those specifications through several different techniques like hydroforming, cold forming, or hot forming.

The Metal Stretch Forming Process

The metal stretch forming process that is achieved through aerospace stretch forming affords our engineers much better shape control, surface quality, and structural integrity when compared to other types of metal forming that aerospace stretch forming companies can perform. As experts in the space of the metal stretch forming process, we have the experienced team on hand and equipment needed to complete precision aerospace stretch forming that our customers need.

Aerospace stretch forming is a metal stretch forming process that involves a piece of sheet metal that will be bent and stretched over a die. This is done simultaneously to form larger, contoured metal parts as needed. Different techniques will be utilized depending on the overall application that range from hydroforming to cold forming.

Advantages of Stretch Forming Process

There are several advantages of the stretch forming process. From cost savings to metal variety, the advantages of the stretch forming process are numerous for aerospace stretch forming!

Complex Shapes

Aerospace stretch forming companies, like Jones Metal Products, are able to utilize the metal stretch forming process to create complex shapes and angles. Metal parts that are created through the metal stretch forming process come with minimal “thin-out” and they maintain extremely precise tolerances. This maintaining of precise tolerances allows for irregular pieces to be formed easily. This is perfect for companies that are in need of aerospace stretch forming in the form of smaller batches of intricate metal parts.

Cost Savings

One of the advantages of the stretch forming process is that it allows customers to cut down on the overall upfront costs associated with more traditional metal forming processes. Aerospace stretch forming, as it falls under the hydroforming umbrella, completely eliminates the need for dies, cast plastics, hard epoxy, and the hardened steel tools that would be used in stamping and traditional metal forming. And paired with the quality finish that is achieved through the metal stretch forming process, additional finishing or polishing is also unneeded.

Quality Finish

Since the metal stretch forming process does not make use of a punch or die, the need for finishing or polishing later on is essentially extinguished. Metal parts are created with a nearly perfect quality finish that is free of scuffs and other marks.

Max Dimensions

The largest blank that we can form is 72” long and 27” wide and 5.5” deep.

Materials Used in Aerospace Stretch Forming

The metal stretch forming process can work with a variety of metals that include stainless steel, titanium, clad metals, brass, and copper. Jones Metal can also work with various allows like inconcels, hastelloys, nickel, and cobalt.

Contact Us About Aerospace Stretch Forming

Aerospace stretch forming is a precise and effective way to create metal parts for those in the aerospace industry. Jones Metal Products approaches each project with expertise and care. To learn more about the advantages of stretch forming process and how we can get started, contact Jones Metal Products.

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