Hydroformed Parts for the Aerospace Industry

For industries that rely on highly complex parts to keep their equipment functioning, finding reliable partners to produce the parts is essential. Hydroforming is an ideal option for aerospace component manufacturing because of the complex nature of the parts produced. Fluid cell forming is also available, especially for shallow components, panels, frame parts, and complex shapes up to 6 feet long, 27.5 inches wide, and 8 inches deep. With these forming methods, components can be formed from exotic materials, meet stringent specifications and be produced with minimal surface imperfections.

Specialty Materials for Aerospace Parts

Many aerospace parts are made from specialty materials. Hydroforming allows Jones Metal to produce quality parts, regardless of the material used to form them. Some commonly used materials for aerospace parts are:

  • Aluminum and aluminum alloys – These materials are often used to produce gyroscope cases, oil filter pans and lens retainers.
  • Stainles steel – This metal is commonly used for certain jet engine components.
  • Nickel alloy – Parts for nozzle systems, nose cones and cowls are typically produced using nickel alloy.
  • Titanium – Titanium is used to produce components of potable water tanks.

Commonly Produced Parts for Aerospace

Jones Metal offers a variety of services to create the parts necessary for the aerospace industry. Our in-house, NADCAP-approved heat treating services allow us to handle the annealing required for many aerospace parts. This means that components can be immediately taken from the press to heat treatment for a better finished product.

Whether your company needs one component or 200, Jones Metal can help. Our machines create precision pieces that are produced one by one and closely inspected by our experienced staff.

A Manufacturing Partner for Hydroforming and Deep Draw Needs

Complex shapes, exotic alloys, absolute precision, painstaking inspection. These are the challenges that place the deep draw hydroforming of aerospace parts in a class of their own.

Whether your company is in need of aircraft engines, nose cones or chassis covers for small motors, Jones Metal can help you produce precision components that will work within both new and existing equipment. We have a commitment to the production of quality parts and we provide heat treating certifications and inspection reports with every order. Additionally, all of our orders must pass multiple quality inspections and adhere to AS9000 guidelines.

For more on our aerospace capabilities

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