Hydroformed Parts and Heat Treatment for Air Repair Stations

Metal replacement parts for commercial and military aircraft may not always be on the shelf when they’re needed. For older planes, this is especially true. When these planes need to be repaired correctly and in accordance to federal regulations, the work is done at an air repair station. There are more than 4,000 FAA-certified air repair stations in the United States that exist solely to repair aircraft safely, and each requires trusted suppliers of metal replacement parts.

Jones Metal is trusted by air repair stations to manufacture aircraft replacement parts that meet the unique specifications and high quality levels required by FAA regulations.

For older aircraft, the hydroform method of metal forming that Jones Metal specializes in is high on the list of processes that can deliver the parts that “nobody makes anymore.” In comparison with metal stamping, the tooling costs for hydroforming is less expensive. Instead of going the route of producing a matched die set, the hydroformer provides parts that are made with only a male punch and a holding ring for the blank. A rubber diaphragm and pressurized forming chamber in the press act as the female punch. If the shape of the part is amenable to fluid cell forming or block forming (rubber pad forming), the tool can be made from a material less expensive than tooling steel, which helps to trim development costs.

Heat treatment of metal replacement components is another integral part of the metal forming process and many air repair stations outsource their heat treatment services, too. In the hydroforming process, a part may need to be softened for further forming. Jones Metal has both metal hydroforming and heat treatment processes in-house to help air repair stations save on costs, development and delivery times.

Experienced Suppliers for Quality Parts

Air repair stations often find themselves in need of a part that does not have a two-dimensional drawing. At Jones Metal, our expert engineers take three-dimensional models and turn them into two-dimensional drawings to be used during the production process. Whether air repair stations need just one part or 200, we work to ensure that each component produced is high quality and easily integrated into the damaged aircraft.

Jones Metal is dedicated to providing air repair stations with reliable parts for both commercial and military aircraft. We offer years of experience in hydroforming, plus NADCAP-approved aluminum heat treating and vacuum heat treating services.

We are a supplier to FAA certified and military air repair stations. As such, our processes meet all of the standards set forth by the FAA. We also ensure quality standards are maintained by undergoing in-house and external audits.

Many air repair stations participate in the FAA’s drug and alcohol testing program, requiring suppliers be registered in the program also. At Jones Metal, we pride ourselves on doing all that we can to provide our aerospace customers with the best parts, and on being registered in the FAA drug and alcohol testing program.

To learn more about Jones Metal, our continued partnership with air repair stations and our experience in the aerospace industry, call us today at 888-868-6535.


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