Heat treating for the Aerospace Industry

Heat treating is essential for high quality aerospace components. Jones Metal has the capabilities and expertise to fulfill your orders.

In the aerospace industry, stress reduction on metal parts to enhance component strength and fatigue life is critical to ensure components stand up to the extreme demands of aerospace applications. To enhance strength and meet the precise demands and specifications required by aerospace applications, heat treating is an essential step in the production process.

For more than a decade, Jones Metal Products has been a go-to source for aerospace industry heat treating. Manufacturers contract with us on a regular basis to heat treat airplane engine brackets, aircraft engine oil pans, helicopter frame parts, hydraulic fittings, airplane engine cooling systems and airliner seat backs. In the process we’ve gained aluminum heating approvals from Goodrich, Gentz, Lockheed Martin and Honeywell. Our vacuum heat treating operations, meanwhile, have earned approvals from Rolls Royce (certification), Arde, Berkshire, Barnes, Goodrich, Honeywell, Cessna, Gulfstream, and Doncaster (Meco and GCE).

More Strength, Longer Life

Heat treating is the application of heat or cold to alter the metallurgical properties of a metal part. The treatment is applied to harden, soften, or relieve stress on the metal without changing the part shape. In addition to increasing the strength of a metal part, heat treating can also be used to improve machining, improve formability, or restore ductility after a cold forming operation, such as hydroforming servicesblock formingfluid cell forming, or deep draw stamping.

Our in-house, NADCAP-approved heat treating services handle the annealing required for many aerospace parts. This means that components can be immediately taken from the press to heat treatment for a better finished product. We have a commitment to the production of quality parts and we provide heat treating certifications and inspection reports with every order. Additionally, all of our orders must pass multiple quality inspections and adhere to AS9000 guidelines.

Materials and Methods

Meeting the heat treating needs of the aerospace industry requires the ability to treat multiple materials and use variety of heat treatment methods. At Jones Metal, our two full-time heat treating units — aluminum heat treating and vacuum heat treating — are professionally accredited and have achieved NADCAP approval, ISO: 9001:2015 (without design), AS9 100:2016 and ITAR Registration.

Aluminum heat treating operations can handle wrought aluminum sheets, plates, parts, some forgings and even investment castings. Aluminum heat treating operations include:

  • aging
  • air quenching
  • hot and cold water quenching
  • glycol quenching
  • annealing
  • hardening
  • solution treatment
  • stress relieving

For components that incorporate steel and exotic and ferrous alloys, we offer vacuum heat treating with services that include:

  • annealing
  • hardening
  • solution treating
  • stress relieving
  • tempering

Contact the Heat Treating Experts

Whether you are looking for heat treating only or you are looking for a company to form and heat treat parts, we welcome the opportunity to quote your project.

Interested in learning more about the heat treatment capabilities we offer? Explore aluminum heat treating and vacuum heat treating to learn more, visit our Tech Talk Blog, or contact Jones Metal Products for a no-obligation quote.

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