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In the aerospace industry, pressurized containers are used to hold a variety of materials, including liquid oxygen, fire-suppressant foams, and liquid fuel. Whether the pressurized containers are found on airplanes or vehicles bound for outer space, it is important that the pressurized containers are made according to stringent guidelines. As a pressurized containers manufacturer, Jones Metal Products is able to leverage our 90+ years of experience to deliver high quality pressurized containers for airplanes and the aerospace industry.

As a pressurized containers manufacturer, Jones Metal Products knows how important it is for our customers in the aerospace industry to have extremely reliable complex parts like pressurized containers be made to the highest of standards. By creating pressurized containers through the process of hydroforming, we are able to offer our customers pieces that meet firm specifications, can be created with extremely minimal surface imperfections, and can be crafted from unique specialty materials.

Hydroforming for Unique Shapes

Because pressurized containers are often dome-shaped or cylindrical, hydroforming is the production method of choice to form these complex shapes. To make pressurized containers, two parts must be formed and welded together to complete the container, and they must match exactly. As a pressurized containers manufacturer, Jones Metal Products uses the hydroforming method to ensure that the parts we produce are completely uniform and meet required specifications. Our customers within the aerospace industry receive pressurized containers that have met our high quality standards and nothing less.

Hydroforming allows Jones Metal Products to produce components that are consistent in size, shape, and wall thickness. This precision forming method for pressurized containers helps to reduce the thinning that occurs on the walls of the part and the thickening that occurs down the sides of the part. When creating pressurized containers for airplanes, we want to ensure that each and every part created has been precisely made.

Smooth Surfaces for Quality Containers

As a pressurized containers manufacturer, Jones Metal Product’s hydroforming process assures that the surface will be free of imperfections. Ensuring a smooth, scratch-free surface also is critical because scratches or other surface flaws can jeopardize the integrity of the pressurized vessel. The materials used to form pressurized containers include stainless steel in the range of .030 to .188, thin Inconel in the range of .025 to .060, and .078 titanium, all of which Jones Metal has years of experience in handling.

Short Run Pressurized Container Order

As a pressurized containers manufacturer, Jones Metal makes the tools for pressured containers in-house, according to each customer’s detailed specifications. We understand that, in the aerospace industry, short run orders are much more likely than large volume orders. We have the equipment to deliver pressurized containers for airplanes and aerospace projects on-time and at our highest quality. Whether you need a few hundred parts or just 10, Jones Metal is here to help. As we are a pressurized containers manufacturer and because we offer trimming, piercing and heat treating services, we can help you to keep all of the production process under one roof.

The creation process of pressurized containers with Jones Metal is a careful and well honed one that we have spent years perfecting. Whether your company is in need of pressurized containers for airplanes or for aerospace use, we can help you produce precision made pressurized containers that meet high standards across the board.

From design to delivery, Jones Metal is an experienced pressurized containers manufacturer for the aerospace industry with years of experience that we are ready to use for your needs. Call us at 888-868-6535 and let us know how we can help.

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