Hydroformed Metal Parts for the Lighting Industry

For commercial lighting manufacturers, choosing whether to create metal parts by hydroforming is an easy decision. Hydroformed metal parts are cost-effective to produce, aesthetically appealing and have a tolerant surface layer.

Hydroforming is an ideal way to produce parts used in the lighting industry. Not only is it cost-effective thanks to inexpensive tooling and fast set-up times, but it also allows for production of unique shapes and contours in both small and large quantities. Some of the most commonly produced parts for the lighting industry are indoor and outdoor lighting reflectors, ballast housings and outdoor covers for electrical boxes.

In this industry, the go-to material for parts manufacturing is aluminum, and the hydroform press is well suited to form aluminum blanks. During the hydroforming process, aluminum blanks are placed over a ring that has been specifically contoured to fit around the punch in the desired shape of the part. Closing the press causes a pressurized fluid in the rubber diaphragm to force down the blank and form the part to the shape of the unique punch. At the end of the process, pressure is released and the punch is lowered.

High Quality Hydroformed Parts

One of a biggest advantages to creating parts using the hydroforming method is that it eliminates the need for additional finishing processes. Hydroformed metal parts are smooth, with no surface imperfections thanks to the flexible diaphragm used in the forming process. Not only are these parts functional and precise, but they are also aesthetically pleasing for use in commercial lighting fixtures.

Another advantage for customers choosing to use the hydroforming method to create their complex lighting parts is the cost savings realized with the efficient process. Eliminating the need for buffing and other finishing processes is just one of the cost savings from hydroforming. Additional cost savings come from an inexpensive tooling process, reduced set up time and low development costs. The hydroforming process cuts down on the need for prototyping and welding to complete the part, as it is entirely formed using this process.

Industry Experts

Jones Metal has been working closely with customers in the lighting industry for more than 95 years. Our depth of experience and knowledge has allowed us to consistently provide lighting manufacturers with hydroformed metal parts that meet their needs, quality standards, budget specifications and delivery schedules. The part designs may have changed over the years, but our commitment to providing customers with high quality metal parts has remained the same.

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