Hydroforming with Precision in Healthcare

In the healthcare and medical device manufacturing industry, precision is essential. In order to meet the stringent requirements and ensure safety, medical device manufacturers turn to Jones Metal to hydroform equipment that is precise and specific to their needs. The three most commonly produced pieces of equipment for the healthcare industry are sterilizer trays, over-sized light reflectors and covers. Employing the hydroforming process to create these and other pieces of medical equipment, Jones Metal can deliver products with the smooth, polished finishes necessary to maintain a sterile environment in hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices. The hydroforming process also helps to maintain the structural integrity of the metal, something that is extremely important when creating complex shapes like those used in medical equipment.

The Benefits of Hydroforming for the Healthcare Industry

A Quality Finish
Medical equipment is held to high standards. To meet and even surpass these standards, metal equipment must have the proper finish to maintain the sanitary environments required by healthcare facilities. Hydroforming helps to ensure that medical equipment has a smooth, consistent finish. That’s because the surface of hydroformed products are naturally polished, eliminating the need for additional finishing. The quality finish makes the cleaning and disinfecting of equipment less of a chore.

The Perfect Shape

In a precision-based industry like healthcare, forming devices to the perfect shape and size is essential. Equipment like surgical trays and lighting fixtures must be formed to specific dimensions and be free of imperfections. To achieve this quality finish and specific shape, Jones Metal utilizes hydroforming, a process we have been using for more than 95 years, to develop the high quality equipment the healthcare industry demands.

Experienced Design

Our experienced team of engineers works with you to determine the best course of action for developing a quality piece of medical equipment. We take your CAD Drawing and determine where the design is most sensitive to avoid wrinkling, tears and thin-outs during the hydroforming process.

If you are interested in utilizing the hydroforming process to form your medical equipment, send us a drawing or give us a call at 888-868-6535.

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