Hydroformed Parts For The Land-Based Power Generation Industry.

It’s not only the power generation industry that demands parts be made of tough materials, with tight tolerances, precise trimming, and heat treatment. The industrial gas turbine industry has similar, rigorous demands for its land-based power generation systems. These are operating in power plants and are fueled by natural gas to produce electricity.

Part 1. Stamping and machining (braising off-site).

Jones Metal Takes On Complex Parts

Jones Metal Products has extensive experience in producing complex parts for the industrial gas turbine. With 11 hydroform machines available to form blanks from 15 to 32 inches in diameter, complex shapes are formed easily. Even heavy stainless steel and the nickel-based super alloys such as Hastelloy X are not a problem for the hydroforms. Some small parts (such as a 2″ x 3″ part) are better formed by stamping and are moved to 300 tonne hydraulic presses, also available on the shop floor. Machining, lasering, and vacuum heat treatment are available in-house, and are utilized as specified by the customer.

Take a look at examples of complex parts for land-based power generation, all of which are small parts made at Jones Metal from materials that are difficult to shape and form and undergo multiple operations:

Part 2. Hydroforming, vacuum heat treating, laser cutting, and a stamping operation to coin the flange.

Jones Metal Leads with Quality

Our engineering development team fully evaluates all new part specifications to determine the best and most economical paths to production. Our quality team utilizes tools (CMM, FARO laser canner, FARO Gage, calipers, micrometers, indicators, depth gages and height gages) to ensure that geometric characteristics of hydroformed parts meet the tolerances required by our customers. Our processes are certified to ISO9001:2015 (without Design) and AS9100:2016 . Our heat treat services are certified by Nadcap.

Part 3. Stamping and laser cutting.

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