Marine Shower Enclosure Supplier

As a marine shower enclosure supplier, the team here at Jones Metal Products understands how important it is to have a water tight marine shower enclosure on your floating vessel. With over 90 years of experience in the metal fabrication business, Jones Metal Products is here to help all customers with orders of marine boat shower enclosures as needed.

Whether you are looking to replace a single marine shower enclosure on your personal boat or you are a boat manufacturer yourself, Jones Metal Products is a trusted marine shower enclosure supplier. Our dedicated team of engineers apply years of experience to fabricating marine shower enclosures that meet industry standards and are of the highest quality.

Marine Shower Enclosures – From Start to Finish

Boats can feature outdoor and indoor marine shower enclosures, allowing users of the boats or other floating vessels an easy way to wash off after swimming, working, or being out in the elements for any amount of time. A marine boat shower enclosure allows people to keep sand, salt, and other muck out of the main parts of the boat.

At Jones Metal Products, we are proud to be able to create and fabricate a marine shower enclosure from start to finish. Offering services like hydroforming, deep draw stamping, and heat treating all in house allows us to be involved in the fabrication process from initial conception to the finishing touches.

When working with Jones Metal Products as a marine boat shower enclosure supplier, our expertise in hydroforming a variety of metal materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and nickel allow us to offer customers choice in the kind of material that will be used in your order.

With the quality finish and cost savings that are found through our hydroforming and other fabrication services, customers are ensured to have a quality experience when placing an order for a marine shower enclosure.

Marine Boat Shower Enclosure – Industry Certified

Our industry certifications have been maintained for years. We invite outside accrediting organizations in on a regular basis to look over and validate our processes. Since 1999, we have maintained continuous certifications from the International Standards Organization as well as certifications such as:

  • NADCAP for Heat Treating
  • ITAR Compliant
  • AS9100:2016

With the certifications that we maintain and the quality work that our team puts into each order, customers can easily recognize that the marine shower enclosure’s fabricated by Jones Metal Products are created with care and precision.

As a marine shower enclosure supplier, Jones Metal Products is proud to fulfill complex metal fabrication orders for all customers.

Work with A Marine Shower Enclosure Supplier

As an industry trusted marine shower enclosure supplier, Jones Metal Products is ready to help you in relation to all your marine shower enclosure manufacturing needs. You can contact us online or call us at 888-868-6535 to learn more. With services such as hydroforming, fluid cell forming, and technical services all in house, we are more than capable to handle orders of any kind.


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