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At Jones Metal Products, we have been working as a medical equipment manufacturer from the metal fabrication side of things for many years. Medical equipment requires precision and quality when it comes to the fabrication of parts due to the sensitive nature of work that the parts will be used for.

As a hospital equipment supplier, Jones Metal Products knows how important it is to perform hydroforming services as a medical devices manufacturing company in the USA. Medical equipment requires precise fabrication and we are here to deliver high quality work to our customers in the healthcare industry. When it comes to the work we do as a medical device manufacturing company, you can be assured that we are meeting our own high standards and the standards set forth by the industry.

Precise Work with a Medical Devices Manufacturing Company in USA

Some of the most common pieces that we can produce as a hospital equipment supplier includes sterilizer trays, over sized light reflectors, and covers. These pieces are commonly produced for our customers in the healthcare industry, often being fabricated through the hydroforming process. By producing these pieces with us here Jones Metal Products, we can fabricate precise, high quality pieces in house.

With over 95+ years in the metal fabrication business and an experienced team of engineers, Jones Metal Products has been delivering trusted work to our customers for many years as a medical device manufacturing company. Whether your pieces demand a tight tolerance or you want to keep the entire process from conception to finishing in house, Jones Metal Products is capable of taking on any order you may have.

Our years of experience and knowledge are applied to every order we undertake as a hospital equipment supplier and our NADCAP-accredited technical services allow us to keep the entire fabrication process in house. We can deliver healthcare equipment with smooth, polished finishes that are needed to maintain the status quo of sterile and clean spaces inside of hospitals, clinics, and other physician’s office sand workspaces.

Benefits of Hydroforming With a Medical Equipment Manufacturer

As a medical equipment manufacturer that provides hydroforming services, we know how beneficial the process can be to our customers in the healthcare space. There are a number of benefits to utilizing hydroforming from a hospital equipment supplier that run from working with an experienced team to a high quality finish.

Perfectly Shaped

Here at Jones Metal Products, we take our role as a medical device manufacturing company quite seriously. With an industry like healthcare requiring such highly precise work, fabricating pieces and devices that will be used in sensitive places requires pieces to be perfectly shaped.

We utilize our hydroforming services to achieve the perfect size and shape for pieces like sterilizer trays.

Experienced Design Team

Our team of engineers at Jones Metal Products are highly experienced and will be able to work with you to figure out the best process for your individual orders. As a medical device manufacturing company, we can take your preliminary ideas or your CAD drawing and work out the best process that will result in finished products that you need.

Quality Finish and Durability

Since medical equipment is held to very high standards, Jones Metal Products is here to help you meet all of the standards and specifications that need to be met. As a medical equipment manufacturer, we want to make sure that you meet and surpass these standards with equipment that we fabricate. Our services, such as hydroforming, allow us to ensure that all medical equipment has a consistent and smooth finish.

Work With a Hospital Equipment Supplier

As a hospital equipment supplier, you can work with Jones Metal Products knowing that we are a trusted metal fabricator who delivers high quality work to all of our customers. If you are interested in working with us or learning more, contact us online or call us at 888-868-6535.

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