Metal Stamping for the Aerospace Industry

Metal Forming Aug 25, 2020


When looking at the creation of metal parts and components for the aerospace industry, there are a host of strict requirements that pieces have to meet. These range from precise measurements to tight tolerances that are meant to ensure safety of the customer, their employees, and the general public. Custom stamping forming metal aerospace parts and components is something that Jones Metal takes very seriously, and we work to meet the high quality and product standards for the industry.

With strict requirements in relation to custom stamping and forming metal aerospace parts, the repeatability that comes from metal stamping and forming allows companies within the industry to create a wide range of aerospace components.

Metal Stamping and Forming Services

Metal stamping and forming services provide a host of benefits, making it a highly useful process in the creation of designs for aerospace components. Whether small parts like a connector or a larger piece like an airframe component needs to be made, making use of metal stamping and forming services to create aerospace parts can retain preciseness across the board in terms of mass production, meeting high standards in a safety-critical industry, and handling production runs of various sizes.

Benefits of Metal Stamping and Forming

When working in the custom stamping and forming of metal aerospace components, there are many benefits to the use of metal stamping and forming services.

  • Cost-effective: The overall cost of metal stamping and forming can be greatly reduced when larger production runs are used. Dies can be reused for each process, making these larger production runs desirable for lower cost.
  • Set-up: Set-up times for metal stamping and forming are usually short. Production is able to be started pretty quickly.
  • Precision: In metal stamping and forming services, the dies and tools used provide precise shapes and cuts. Since it is a cold forming process, no heat is applied to the metal during the stamping and forming method. This helps to avoid warping and greatly improves accuracy of the final piece.

Additional benefits to custom stamping and forming metal in aerospace pieces includes:

  • Quick turnaround times
  • Long production runs, perfect for large batch orders
  • Lowered costs per part
  • Repeatability is very high
  • Creation of consistently high-quality parts
  • Reduced scrap metal from the production run

Since aerospace pieces have to be extremely durable, high functioning, and reliable, we understand that knowing the benefits to the metal stamping and forming services we offer are important. When looking to create aerospace components with Jones Metal, know that all of the above benefits are met via our custom stamping and forming of metal for aerospace components.

Whether you are looking for a pressurized container or small gears that require a large production run, out metal stamping and forming services are available.

Work With Jones Metal for Metal Stamping and Forming

When it comes to working with a company for all your metal stamping and forming services, Jones Metal is ready and waiting! We have an in-house, NADCAP-approved heat treatment services that allows us to manage the annealing needed for many aerospace parts. Whether you are in need of 5 components or 300, Jones Metal’s custom stamping and forming of metal for aerospace components is fully capable of handling your needs.

With equipment needed to meet the specifications of metal stamping and forming services, we can product any pieces your company may need. From aircraft engines to chassis covers for smaller motors, reach out to Jones Metal via phone at 888-868-6535 to discuss your aerospace needs.


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