Military Jerry Can Nozzle

For manufacturers that work in the defense, aircraft, and aerospace industries, military jerry cans are a commonly utilized tool to transport fuel for all kinds of purposes. Jones Metal Products has been trusted metal manufacturer for decades with customers in the defense and aircraft industries, fabricating components for aircraft and individual parts like a military jerry can nozzle.

A military jerry can nozzle can serve as a replacement part or be used in the fabrication of new jerry cans for use in the transportation of fuel by those working in relation to transportation. Whether the transportation is by road, sea, air, or even rail, a Scepter military fuel can nozzle is an important part of a jerry can.

Cans are typically rectangular, tall, and can easily be stacked on top of each other. This makes them a perfect option for customers who need to make use of fuel storage that is easily stowable.

Military Jerry Can Nozzle – A Component

A military jerry can nozzle is a component that is typically separate from the jerry can itself. A Scepter military fuel can nozzle along with other smaller components like screw in lids, rubber gaskets, and the can itself comprise the final military jerry can itself.

They are all considered part of the singular jerry can, but parts like a military jerry can nozzle are available on an individual manufacturing basis in case parts become lost or damaged. A Scepter military fuel can nozzle is an important component when it comes to the transportation and storage of fuel, lubricant, and other liquids that might be stored in a jerry can.

When manufacturers come to Jones Metal Products in need of an order of military jerry can nozzles, we work to leverage our 95+ years of experience to fabricate them as needed. Whether a small or large order is placed, our various services and experienced team of engineers and designers are up to the task.

Scepter Military Fuel Can Nozzle Manufacturer

As a metal manufacturer, Jones Metal Products has a long history of working with customers in the defense and aircraft industries. Our services range from hydroforming all the way to technical services like machining and laser cutting.

All services are in house, allowing us to keep the entire process of fabricating an order of Scepter military fuel can nozzles from start to finish all in our hands.

When it comes to our hydroforming services, we utilize this method for many customers in the defense and aircraft industries. Hydroforming is a cost effective way to manufacture parts and allows us to create components like a military jerry can nozzle that is durable, dependable, and can easily stand up to the high usage it will face.

Work with Jones Metal Products

Jones Metal Products is a trusted and valued metal manufacturer. With outside accreditations and decades of experience behind us, we have stood as a manufacturing partner to many different customers. If you are looking to order Scepter military fuel can nozzles in a small or large batch, reach out to us today online or at 888-969-6535.


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