Rubber Hydroforming with 3D Printed Dies

Hydroforming May 11, 2021

Rubber hydroforming with 3D printed dies might not be two things that you automatically put together. Most people’s first impressions of any 3D printed products tend to be smaller pieces and smaller printers that you might come across in a YouTube video that a hobbyist has put together. You might have even seen someone hydroforming DIY rubber parts!

But when it comes to rubber pad forming and manufacturing parts here at Jones Metal Products, 3D printers can be especially beneficial. Metal parts manufacturers can make use of 3D printed dies to use when performing hydroforming or rubber pad forming in a few different ways.

Rubber Hydroforming with 3D Printed Dies

At Jones Metal Products, we have been pretty excited about 3D printing and the benefits associated with it for quite a number of years. 3D printing paired with rubber pad forming is something that is definitely possible.

Rubber hydroforming with 3D printed dies is possible due to the overall nature of rubber pad forming, which is a very popular metal forming method.

Rubber pad forming is a process that is done on a hydroform or another hydraulic machine. High pressure is put onto rubber pads that then exert the pressure onto a metal blank or die. The component will then be formed to the shape of the forming box. Rubber pad forming is typically a slower process than other metal hydroforming process and is limited to materials like aluminum and other specialized thin materials.

Hydroforming DIY Rubber with 3D Printed Dies

Performing rubber hydroforming with 3D printed dies is possible. Since 3D printed parts can typically be done in house (if the metal fabricator has the capability), the different printed dies can be simply and quickly printed out as needed for each order.

By printing out 3D dies that can be used for rubber pad forming, the cost of die creation will be reduced. Dies for hydroforming DIY rubber and rubber pad forming can be created with a number of materials in several different ways.

Here at Jones Metal Products, our team has found that 3D printed parts such as tool organizers, hose holders, and a number of other custom tools have improved operational efficiency.

Can I Metal Spin Form with 3D Printed Die?

The simple answer to the question of “can I metal spin form with 3D printed die?” is yes. Metal spinning with 3D printed dies is not really meant for larger orders, but it has proven to be effective with small scale productions.

For non-complex forming like bends, 3D printed dies can work.

Here at Jones Metal Products, we typically use our 3D printers to print out scale models of the different components and parts that we have ben asked to produce. This gives us the ability to get an up close and personal look at a scale or full size model.

This allows us to make a thorough assessment of the part or component. We use this assessment to then determine the best forming technique to employ when fabricating the part. The best forming technique is chosen based off of which technique will be the most suitable option for the time, cost, part, and overall production needed for the part. Rubber pad forming might be the best technique to use, or another technique like fluid cell forming or hydroforming DIY rubber.

Work with Jones Metal Products

Here at Jones Metal Products, we love making use of innovative technology that helps us do the best work we can. 3D printing technology allows us to print component models to scale which help us work more efficiently with shorter lead times. If you would like to learn more about how we can use 3D printing to assist you in your order, contact us today at 888-868-6535 or online!


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Rubber Hydroforming with 3D Printed Dies
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