What is DIY Hydroforming?

Hydroforming Aug 13, 2020

What is DIY Hydroforming

When we look at what hydroforming it is, it is a metal fabricating and forming process that allows for the shaping of different metals like stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. The process is overall quite cost-effective when it comes to production thanks to the use of dies and tooling in large production runs. But one might ask the question: what is DIY hydroforming? Is it the same as professional hydroforming and what are the differences?

DIY hydroforming has been brought up in many forum posts and YouTube videos over the past few years, offering an alternative to professional hydroforming services. Professional quality parts are making their way into DIY projects undertaken by at home builders, though the level of professional hydroforming with dies and tooling is not quite attainable just yet for at home builders. When it comes to DIY hydroforming, the have found ways to create parts at home with budget conscious methods that make use of tools and things you might have at home.

What is DIY Hydroforming?

DIY hydroforming is the metal fabrication and forming process completed at home with tools and materials available in one’s home. As hydroforming presses are often out of price range for individuals, DIY hydroforming has become a go-to method for many builders. These builders range from individuals who are looking to craft small aircraft parts for their own projects to those looking to hydroform larger, metal pieces for use in a variety of projects.

DIY hydroforming has been utilized by at home builders in a variety of ways, using homemade presses and even pressure washers that you might just have in your own garage.

One manner in which DIY hydroforming has been done has been via a block of rubber that was placed into a steel box with a die and a hydraulic press that was purchased from Harbor Freight. The box used was created by hand and the DIY press set up can then be used to manufacture parts needed for whatever project an at home builder is looking to complete.

Another at home method for DIY hydroforming involves welding sheet metal together in the desired shape, adding a pipe fitting to the piece, and using a pressure washer to it to create hydroformed metal parts. The mold created via welding sheet metal together can create some interesting DIY hydroforming pieces as an end result.

Since hydroforming does make use of water in the process by evenly distributing the pressure across the metal inside of a mold, these DIY hydroforming methods are certainly an interesting take on the professional hydroforming services available out there.

It is important to note that at-home methods may pose danger to the at home builder as well though. As with any at home building process, creating your own methods can be dangerous to you and others.

A variety of YouTube videos offer step by step processes on how to create your own DIY hydroforming processes at home, which can be especially helpful in answering the question of “what is DIY hydroforming?”.

The different resources available do explore that DIY hydroforming can be difficult. The development of one’s own die and actually using the forming process can come down to an art. Trial and error is definitely a key factor in learning DIY hydroforming. Small, simpler parts can often be the best way to get started before moving onto more complex, large pieces.

Some different parts that at home builders can potentially create using DIY hydroforming include:

  • Bends
  • Cones
  • Art and design pieces
  • Bike frames
  • Small model aircraft pieces
  • Gears
  • Clips

If you are considering hydroforming services outside of DIY hydroforming, consider contacting Jones Metal. Offering hydroforming services across a variety of materials and with cost-effective production in mind, we are happy to discuss any kind of production process you have in mind at 888-868-6535.


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