Hydroforming Small Metal Parts

Range of Hydroforming Capabilities at Jones Metal Products

hydroforming | May 24, 2018 |

At Jones Metal Products, our hydroforming capabilities cover a broad range of product sizes, shapes and specifications. To illustrate the types of small parts we form, here are five examples of hydroformed parts made at our manufacturing facility in West Lafayette, Ohio.  

Hydroformed Small Parts and Sizes

hydroformed complex shape with secondary processing

Some parts, like this Hastelloy® X part to the right, require additional hydroforming operations to reach its finalized form. Because of its intricate shape and the holes required, this part also underwent laser trimming and heat treating. Once finished, this part is approximately 10 inches in diameter x 2 inches in overall height.  

hydroformed stainless steel complex shaped part

This next part, often created for the foodservice equipment market, is approximately 10 inches long x 6 inches wide x 2 inches high. This part’s irregular and complex shape is made from a thin gauge, stainless steel blank in our hydroforming press. 

hydroformed hastelloy x conical shaped partEven conical shapes can be hydroformed. This Hastelloy X part is approximately 7 inches in diameter x 8 inches tall height. This part, made from a tough, thin material, is a testament to the versatility of hydroforming. The hydroforming process can evenly distribute pressure across a surface, which can prevent wrinkling, tearing or making one part of the metal too thin. 


small hydroformed aluminum partOur fourth example is a part made of a light-weight aluminum; it’s approximately 12 inches long x 4 inches tall. In addition to forming this piece’s winding, round shape in house, we also perform the laser cutting required after this part is hydroformed.

hydroformed 125 hastelloy x cylindrical partThe final example in our series of small parts is this cylindrical part, made with 125 Hastelloy X. Usually used in engines, this part has thick walls and is approximately 3 inches in diameter and 5 inches high.

How Can Hydroforming Work for You?

Timely and cost effective, our experts perform precision forming, laser cutting and finishing in house. If you have a hydroforming project or would like to find out more about our capabilities, call us at 888-868-6535. Ready for a quote? Send your drawing to us today.

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