Heat Treatment of Aluminum Parts

Jones Metal offers an array of Aluminum Heat Treating services for aluminum parts that includes annealing, solution, treating, stress relieving, aging and glycol quenching.

Precision Produces Results

For our customers in the aerospace and commercial industries, aluminum heat treating is essential for the production of parts that meet the precise demands and specifications required by aerospace applications. The experienced team at Jones Metal can process aluminum parts to meet your needs. Even when parts within an order require different treatments, we can accommodate with aluminum heat treating services that result in quality parts that exceed expectations.

Our Heat Treatment Equipment

To meet the high standards and operational requirements of our customers, Jones Metal has invested in heat treating equipment that delivers the performance required to meet your high standards.

Two Recco Drop Bottom Furnaces
This equipment allows us to offer customers a number of treatment services, including solution heat treating, aging, partial and full annealing and stress relieving, with polymer solution and air quenching options. The Recco Drop Bottom Furnaces are designed to treat many different materials, including aluminum alloys 2024 0, 2024 clad, 6113, 6061 0, Q7075 and E357 cast aluminum. Because of its treatment diversity, these furnaces are ideal for meeting the varied specifications of both our automotive and defense clients with aluminum heat treating needs.

Cincinnati SubZero Freezer
To ensure that heat treated parts are preserved in the state of softness specified by each customer, Jones Metal utilizes the Cincinnati SubZero Freezer. Parts preserved in this cryogenic unit are delivered to customers, allowing them to further process the parts in their own facilities. This capability improves work flow and scheduling and provides operational flexibility.

Wisconsin and Grieve Aging Ovens
Jones Metal’s two aging ovens are used for aging and stress relieving. These ovens are designed to heat treat aluminum sheets, plates and parts and are typically used to heat treat parts for the aerospace and defense markets.

Customer Testimonials

“We require a ‘W’ condition of the 6061-T specification which necessitates the return of parts on dry ice to facilitate our internal forming operations. The parts are returned on a timely basis and in good shape. We’re pleased to use Jones Metal as one of our Teaming Suppliers.” — Chris Eisen, Enginetics, Inc.

“To meet our customers’ demands, we need to work with a company that can respond immediately and deliver quality consistently. Jones Metal has done a great job.” — Jack Spencer, The Crosby Company

For precision treatment of aluminum parts and dependable delivery, count on the people who do heat treating right. How can we help you produce aluminum parts that meet your demands? We also offer vacuum heat treating services. Call us today at 888-868-6535 to learn more.

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