Aluminum Heat Treatment

Aluminum Heat Treating Dec 16, 2019

Serving Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

Expertise, production capacity, quality, and service are common considerations when vetting a vendor, but they are certainly not the only ones. When in the market for heat treating services, it makes sense to choose vendors in your local geographic area to avoid increased freight costs, potentially damaged items or delays.

Professionals looking for aluminum heat treating in Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding regions can rely on Jones Metal to meet their needs locally—while retaining top-tier delivery performance. At Jones, delivering premium results and consistent quality metal products across a wide range of industries is only the beginning of our partnership agreement.

Local Presence 

Local presence allows our services to extend through to pick-up and delivery of metal products as needed and according to a flexible time schedule. This accompanies easier, real-time project communication and start-to-finish in-house services that keep costs low, timelines short and instructions well-administered. It also allows for the easier control of temperature conditions for delivery to ensure utmost quality and conditioning of the finished products. The same temperature condition control used in the production process can be extended all the way through delivery, preserving the physical integrity of the metal products.

Jones Metal serves local industries seeking aluminum heat treatment in the Cleveland, OH area as well as neighboring Akron and Canton; this includes aerospace, defense and commercial manufacturing.

Our customers, like Lockheed Martin and Honeywell Grimes, trust Jones Metal for our dedication to exceptional service. We are recognized as a company of accredited experts with NADCAP certification, AS9100:2009 accreditation, ITAR registration and we also have a FAA approved random drug testing program as required to help you meet some major Federal Aviation Authority guidelines.

Contact Jones Metal online or by phone to speak with an expert about aluminum heat treating for your Cleveland business.


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