Sheet Metal Fabrication for the Aerospace Industry

Hydroforming Sheet Metal Nov 27, 2019

Requirements for aircraft and aerospace industry parts hinge on precision and versatility. The parts’ dimensions must be precise and long lasting, regardless of the temperature, humidity and mechanical stresses under which they are placed.

With decades of experience in this industry, Jones Metal’s production processes meet project demands while providing the process documentation, quality assurance and efficient delivery that such projects require.

Aerospace hydroforming requires tight tolerances and precise finishing.

With broad aerospace hydroforming capabilities, Jones Metal delivers on industry demands. Metal parts that have undergone hydroforming have minimal-to-no surface imperfections, which means they are ready for their final application with fewer finishing processes after forming. Hydroforming also works on a wide range of materials, including aluminum and aluminum alloys, stainless steel, nickel alloys, copper, brass, bronze and even titanium.

These pieces must be able to withstand atmospheric conditions, such as temperature and humidity changes, and physical stress from vibrations and sustained use. Irregularities and vulnerabilities must be minimized, which our production line is designed to do. Multiple draws on the hydroforming machine are used to gradually work towards the planned shape and design. This is followed by cutting and machining, which place finishing touches on the part so that it is ready for downstream assembly.

Hydroforming sheet metal achieves high detail, quality, form and finish.

Well-built processes can yield the highest detail, quality, form and finish in hydroforming sheet metal, which are absolutely vital for reliable, safe aircraft.

Each part is individually inspected during production to ensure that the highest quality standards are met. Our capacity to produce both individual parts as well as larger batches (numbering in several hundreds of units) means that we can accommodate virtually any project size—and our in-house capabilities keep costs low and quality high.

Jones Metal takes into account every aspect of the parts production process. Hydroforming is used to accommodate complex parts without compromising material integrity or finish, while fluid cell forming is used for larger parts up to 6 feet in length.

Jones Metal is committed to excellent service and timely work.

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