Press Brake Forming – Bend and Weld

Press Brake Forming Jan 03, 2010

Jones Metal Products recently purchased a CNC Press Brake to make parts for a medical customer. This application required blanking material on dies and our 3 axis laser machine, bending the parts on the Press Brake and then applying 32 spot welds with a robotic spot welder.

Since then, we have found that many of our current customers who love our 98.2% on-time delivery and quality, are in need of good vendors for their bend and weld needs. If they are growing, the customers have a hard time with vendors who cannot grow with them. They don’t have the internal supply chain management system, that more advanced companies like Jones Metal Products have installed. We can handle the ups and downs of our customers demand and deliver with the same consistency during any demand period.

Another benefit of the press brake is that all of the tooling is stock tooling owned by Jones. As a result, there is no up front tooling cost for our customers to switch business to us. Once you build up an inventory of the tooling, most shapes and radius are not a problem to accommodate. If there is a shape that we need to purchase to complete a job, we purchase the tooling and add it to our inventory to increase our future capabilities.

About Jones Metal Products-Based in West Lafayette, Ohio, JMP is an industry leader in hydroforming, deep draw stamping, and heat treating for the aerospace, commercial lighting, automotive, cookware, health-care and defense markets.


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