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Jones Metal's Versatile Aluminum Heat Treatment Unit

Customers in the aerospace and defense industries turn to Jones Metal Products for treatment of aluminum parts, as do commercial customers with exacting specifications for aluminum heat treatment. We understand that quality and turn-around are paramount and we work tirelessly to provide the same excellent results for every order.

Our versatile aluminum heat treatment process is used to alter the metallurgical properties of a metal part. The aluminum heat treatment process can involve hardening, softening, or relieving stress on the metal without actually needing to change the shape of the part.

We place a high standard on our aluminum heat treatment process and therefore every order that requires aluminum heat treating specifications receives our high standard care and execution. You can place your order for aluminum heat treatment services knowing that here at Jones Metal Products, we hold NADCAP accreditation for out aluminum heat treating.

NADCAP accreditation is the industry standard for aluminum heat treatments in the aerospace and defense industries. At Jones Metal Products, we maintain our NADCAP accreditation for our aluminum heat treatment process and our vacuum process. You can be assured that the aluminum heat treating you receive with us is of the highest standards throughout the entire aluminum heat treatment process.

Accreditations: accredited by NADCAP, ISO 9001:2015 (without design), AS9100:2016, and is ITAR registered. The unit is also recognized by the Federal Aviation Authority for following the protocols of the Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program.

Customer Approvals: customer approvals for aluminum heat treatment include Goodrich, Gentz, Honeywell (Approved Supplier List), Lockheed Martin, Parker Hannafin, Pratt Whitney (by part), Cessna, Gulfstream, and Rolls Royce.

Kinds of Parts We Process: wrought aluminum sheets, plates, parts, some forgings, and investment castings.

Treatments We Offer: aging, air quenching, hot and cold water quenching, glycol quenching, partial and full annealing, hardening, solution treatment, and stress relieving.

Tests We Perform: We perform tests on state hardness and conductivity. In addition, we perform tensile, elongation, and yield testing on investment castings.

Special Handling to Meet Your Aluminum Heat Treatment Specifications:

  • We have expertise with many aluminum alloys used in the aerospace and defense markets, including aluminum alloys 2014, 2024, 6013, 6061, and 7075, and investment casting alloys 355, 356, and 357.
  • We will pack and send parts on dry ice to preserve “W” or soft condition.
  • We will provide precise temperatures and processes to achieve the aluminum alloy temper you specify.
  • We will remove parts from packing fixtures for conductivity testing and re-apply fixtures before shipping parts back to the customer.
  • We will meet your delivery dates. Our track record for on-time delivery is an exemplary 99 percent. If your facility is located in the Canton, Akron, or Cleveland area, we offer pick-up and delivery service.

Processing Equipment:

Operated with attention to precise temperatures and timing to meet your aluminum heat treatment specifications and our rigorous high standards.

  • Recco Drop Bottom Furnaces with Quench and Rinse Tanks
    • 8 feet Long, to 1010 degrees F, 900 lb. load
    • 6 feet Long, to 1010 degrees F., 900 lb. load
  • Wisconsin Aging Oven: 17 feet long, up to 800 degrees F.
  • Grieve Aging Oven: 8 feet Long, up to 350 degrees F.
  • Cincinnati Sub Zero Freezer: 5 feet Long, -10 degrees F.

Testing Equipment:

  • Wilson Rockwell Series B2000 Hardness Tester
  • 2 mobile conductivity meters: SigmaCheck Ether NDE and Verimet M4900C

For precision treatment of aluminum parts and dependable delivery, count on the people who do aluminum heat treating right. Our versatile aluminum heat treatment specifications are suitable for any kind of project you might have in mind. We also offer vacuum heat treating services and heat treating for aluminum investment castings. Call us today at 888-868-6535 to speak with an expert.

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