Vacuum Heat Treating Services

In-House Vacuum Heat Treatment Shortens Part Development and Production Times

Parts made by hydroforming, block forming, fluid cell forming, or deep draw stamping often require vacuum heat treatment as an interim or final process. At Jones Metal Products we offer in-house vacuum heat treatment services to help shorten development and production times. Our vacuum heat treatment unit is available 24/7 to treat parts formed from steel, exotic metals, and ferrous alloys.

Parts are sent to the vacuum furnaces for annealing, hardening, solution treating, stress relieving and tempering. The vacuum process burns off a fine layer of surface material so that parts are not discolored or contaminated by oxidation. This is important in meeting specifications for bright surface finishes, minimal distortion, and uniform thermal treatment.

A Commitment to Quality Vacuum Heat Treatment Services

Accreditation:  NADCAP approval, ISO 9001:2015 (without Design), AS9100:2016 certification and ITAR registration. The unit is also recognized by the Federal Aviation Authority for following the protocols of the Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program.

Customer Approvals: customer approvals for vacuum heat treatment include Rolls Royce (certification) Arde, Berkshire, Barnes, Goodrich, Honeywell, Cessna, Gulfstream, and Doncaster (Meco and GCE)

Vacuum Heat Treating Capabilities

Materials We Process:   Parts made of steel, brass, bronze, copper, and titanium alloys.

Treatments We Offer:  Annealing, hardening, solution treating, stress relieving, and tempering.

Special Handling to Meet your Specifications and Delivery Times:

  • In-house vacuum treatment shortens part development time, as development team moves part from press to furnace and back to press all under one roof
  • In-house vacuum treatment shortens production time with forming and heat treatment  segments occurring all under one roof.

Processing Equipment:  Operated with attention to precise temperatures and timing to meet your specific and high standards:

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