Metal Heat Treatment Oven

When it comes to the use of industrial heat treating ovens, they serve as an important part of the heat treating process for a variety of pieces that can be fabricated. Here at Jones Metal Products, our metal heat treatment oven is often used in the heat treatment of die cast aluminum parts.

Our aluminum heat treat oven is utilized by our team of experienced engineers in heat treatment, which allows us to fabricate and manufacture metal parts from start to finish. Heat treatment is a process that allows us to alter the physical properties of metal, whether they are in need of aging, stressing, annealing, or anything in between.

Why We Use A Vacuum Heat Treat Oven

Industrial heat treating ovens are used in the heat treating process because of how overall effective they are. For example, in the aging process, our metal heat treatment oven can effectively be used to stabilize the alloys or alloy in the metal product by working to accelerate the different physical changes that are expected during the final application.

At Jones Metal Products, we have dedicated aerospace heat treat ovens that have specific size and temperature capacities. This affords us plenty of options for orders that can range from small to large products.

How We Use An Aluminum Heat Treat Oven

Wondering just how we use out aerospace heat treat ovens during the process of heat treatment?

We typically start the process of heat treatment by preparing the parts that are in need of heat treatment. Depending on the size of said parts, we will determine the aluminum heat treat oven that needs to be used.

Once an order is loaded into a basket, the basket will be raised into one of our metal heat treatment ovens. The basket will then be lowered into a quenching tank where the parts will quickly cool down and the different shapes will solidify completely.

Depending on the specific parts and needs related to the order, our team of engineers will determine the proper times and temperatures needed for each individual aluminum heat treat oven that is used.

NADCAP Certified and Industry Trusted Aerospace Heat Treat Ovens

Our heat treatment department is NADCAP certified and approved. Our overall goal is to provide heat treating through use of our industrial heat treating ovens to provide precise and timely work to our customers.

As a trusted manufacturer in several industries, Jones Metal Products’ accreditations have allowed us to do work with our vacuum heat treat oven in-house and become a leader in NADCAP certified heat treatment services. Our aerospace heat treat ovens and services are trusted, accredited, and completely in-house.

Interested in Our Industrial Heat Treating Ovens?

If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to contact us at Jones Metal Products. We are more than happy to put our 95+ years of experience and our aerospace heat treat ovens to work for you, no matter the kind of needs you bring to the table. Contact us online today or call us at (888) 868-6535 to learn more.

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