Heat Treating Materials

Heat treating is an application of hot or cold applied to metal material that alters its metallurgical properties.  Over the past dozen years, Jones Metal has developed a state of the art in-house heat treating department, refining processes to harden, soften or relieve stress on metal parts.  Our cold and hot treatments can improve machining, advance formability and help restore metal ductility.

At JMP, we offer two forms of heat treating - vacuum heat treating and aluminum heat treating. In the vacuum heat treating process, parts up to 36"x 28" x 52" are sent to a vacuum furnace for annealing, hardening, solution treating, stress relieving and tempering where they are heated in temperatures up to 2200°F. During this transition a fine layer of surface material is burnt off of the metal so that parts are not discolored or contaminated.

Our aluminum heat treating service offers aging, air quenching, hot and cold water quenching, glycol quenching, partial and full annealing, hardening, solution treatment, and stress relieving solutions.  Jones Metal Products furnaces heat up to 1010°F and can accommodate metals up to 8 feet long and loads that weigh up to 900 pounds. JMP aging ovens can process metals that are 8 feet long in temperatures up to 350°F and metals that are 17 feet long in temperatures up to 775°F. JMP freezers process metals to 5 feet long in temperatures as low as -15°F.

Below is a complete list of the metals that JMP heat treating services can accommodate:

Aluminum Heat Treating

Vacuum Heat Treating

Aerospace and defense industries have relied on Jones Metal Products for the heat treatment of metal parts for decades. We provide our commercial customers with end products that meet exact specifications, ensuring that high quality metals are prepared, tested and packaged for peak performance. We offer in-house treatments, which shorten development and production time.

At Jones Metal Products, we promise timely, precise and budget conscious heat treated products. If you have a question about which metals would be best heat treated or how heat-treating can simplify your downstream processes and machining, call 888-868-6535 or contact us today. We can leverage our more than 95 years of experience as a resource for your high quality products.


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